Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We're getting closer!

Last night after work we went to the old place and cleaned it up.  I mean scrubbed!  The owners are super particular so we did a really good job of making sure it was clean.  We scrubbed walls, floors, bathroom, everything.  I got there about 45 minutes before R got there.  All in all it took about 2 hours.  But it was worth it in the end, we were given back the full deposit.  Yay!

I went home after to see how the banana head was doing, lol.  Before we moved to this place, for her entire 2 years, Chiquita (my dog) was left in a room during the day (usually the office).  Because she was a turd and would get into things.  However, I get tired of this and wanted to let her roam in this house.  We don't want her upstairs on our bed during the day so we'll end up putting a gate up for that, but we let her roam otherwise.  So far, 2 nights in and 1 day and she didn't get into anything, yet.  I'm sure she will at some point or another, but I like that she has more space to play.  Chances are she sleeps all day but at least I feel better about it now. 

So I made supper, R had to run to the garage (it hasn't been moved over yet) and then we unpacked a few boxes.  And by we, I mean me.  He set up the computer and desk, which is good because it was all just piled in the way so at least it's functioning now and that corner is set up. 

Tonight we are going to unpack!  R is going to bring as many boxes into the house as he can until he drops and I'm going to unpack the kitchen and then just direct the boxes into the right rooms.  It didn't help getting home around 7:30 last night.  Although I did cook a meal for the first time in a few days :)

Today I'll be spending the day in the payroll office...well at least the morning.  I have a lot to do in there and I'm tired of the emails about where stuff is.  I'm working 2 jobs people, jeez relax! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

The best and the worst

I could likely come up with a post long just on the complaints of how I'm feeling today.  But I won't.  I'll roll with a 5/5 instead.  Happy Monday!

1. The move is done, we have everything in the new house.
2. The weather this weekend was beautiful, so sunny!
3. I have a really busy day planned today, so it will go by quickly.
4. R and I woke up before the alarm this morning, we got a nice snuggle and chat before getting up to get ready for work.
5. The traffic was minimal and the drive to work this morning was great!

1. Everything hurts this morning.  Arms.  Legs.  Ankles.  Head.  Eyes.  Everything.
2. I didn't sleep well last night at all.  New noises, new house, who knows, but I didn't get much sleep and I was tired before I went to bed.
3. All the boxes are at the house, but most are in the garage and still have to be unpacked.  I'm wearing jeans today - I found work pants but couldn't find a shirt.
4. We're going after work to the old place to clean it up tonight.  Yuck.  I'm sick of cleaning.
5. I knew we needed to paint the new house, but didn't realize the entire first floor would have to be painted.  It's going to be a bigger job than I thought, but it will be amazing!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are we there yet?

I've been reading miscellaneous stuff online when I need a brain break.  Lol.  I'm actually fine with my co-workers, but I thought this was hilarious!

I'm about done.  I feel my stress level at the top.  R and I got into a fight last night about the stupidest thing.  He made a flip comment and I lost it.  I'm tired of him making fun of me for not lifting the heavy boxes.  I know my limit.  Sheesh.

Anyhow, he came to bed 3 hours after I did around 1am and left while I was in the shower this morning.  Ugh. 

My list:
- Moving in 2 days, not finished packing, don't know if we have help with the furniture, it's pouring rain, we have an open truck.
- Super, super busy at work.  Covering 2 positions.  Can't.  Keep.  Up.
- Need a holiday.
- Trying to find a way to get my ex to qualify for the mortgage - we are this close and they aren't working with him.  This means I have to talk to him more often than I'd like.
- He told me yesterday he was told that we have to have legal separation papers drawn up and be in place for a year before we can divorce.  WTF?  That is not what I understood.  Seriously?  I'm in no rush to get re-married, but I have to be separated for another year? 

I'm freakin' tired.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Truck

R is ridiculously proud of his truck. Most times I'm ok with it. I'm into old vehicles, but I'm pretty happy that we don't have to rent anything to move our stuff in. I like the truck well enough, but it needs seat belts :)

This is from last night. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my camera on my phone? It totally takes awesome pictures!)

Anyhow, the 3 ton beastie did a great job the past 2 days. We could only load up to the top of the box each time, because being 12 feet long, we didn't have a tarp large enough to cover it stacked any higher. Either way, we got it finished!

And I totally appologize for the picture being sideways.  I took it on an angle (on purpose) but for some reason no matter how I've saved up, every time I upload it, it turns it sideways.  I really hate uploading photos for this reason.  It never works for me!

We got the move done last night before it rained, so I'm happy.  We have another 2 loads including all furniture and then we are done!  I can't wait!!

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cram Full

This day has been incredibly busy already! 

I got here early, which is good, because that would likely have been my only quiet time all day.  Had a quick breakfast, drank some tea and hit the floor running.  It hasn't stopped.

I had a surprise new hire come in.  No one had told me.  Since I do ALL the offer letters, I wasn't aware.  She was basically hired on the spot (remember my post about sexist managers?) Anyhow, so I had to get her into a pre-employment physical then book her orientation. 

After that, an hour long meeting, then back to my office to try to organize a few things that are getting away from me.  I have 2 new hires to organize for this week then 2 the week after and another in June.  Since I'm also partially covering payroll it keeps me busy.  Get the manual copied, find all the new forms.  Go over some forms I just recieved from the other branch, send them back to be filled out correctly (*sigh*).

Eat a quick lunch (now -  noon) then a meeting about the Slave Lake fire and some new fund raiser we are apparently going to launch (like I have time), then new hire orientation - start at least.  I have another meeting at 2 that will be an hour, then finish the orientation.  That will wind up my day.

Go home, load the truck, take another load in the rain to the new house.  Oh ya, we started the move yesterday.  We moved a load in the rain.  It sucked big time!  Super wet.  The house is still occupied so we put the load in the garage.  Another load today, then we can assess and see how many more boxes we'll need to finish. 

R is hoping they will be gone and we can move the bed over tomorrow after work.  If so, we'll do another load tomorrow after work too and then the rest of the furniture on Saturday.  Eeek!

We have to paint the house after we move in as well.  It's gonna be a rush!  Then clean the old place and be out by Monday.  I'm tired just thinking about it. 

It's forecasted to rain all week, I sure hope they are wrong this time. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Crazy Days

Isn't it supposed to be wild nights?  They're not.  :)

Last night the new landlord called us to meet him at the new house.  We did some walking around and looking at a few things outside.  We are almost able to move in.  A few more days and it'll be empty and ready to go.  I can't wait.  The yard needs some love, but I'm ok with that too.

We went to home depot after that and looked at paint swatches.  I love paint swatches.  I can't wait to paint.  I don't love the act of painting, but the yellow-orangey walls must go!  I want a light tan, brown, sandy-ish color with a dark chocolate focus wall.  R said I get to pretty much choose but he just wants to be ok with my choice in the end.  See what comes out :)

Today I have a meeting this morning to assist me with some help filling in for payroll.  Should help I hope.

My boss emailed me about the Slave Lake Fire, we have some staff from there or that have family that live(d) there.  She'd like me to put together some fund raising ideas to discuss on Tuesday and then get it all together by Friday.  Ya, right.  Like I have time for that.  Ugh.  I appreciate the cause, and definitely want to support it, but I have enough on my plate as it is. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You're gonna want to see this *updated*

So after that mess from this morning, I spoke to the dean of the business department, she returned my call.  Now I have to call the transfer department and have them push through my college diploma to see if my courses will match the pre-requisites of the new courses I want to take.  If they do, then I have to call another person and have her switch my admission from open studies to the HR certificate program.  Once that is switched and my courses assessed for transfer then I can register and it shouldn't be an issue from this point forward. 

What. A. Gong. Show.

Me have a freakin' melt down that is.

How hard is it to register for University?  I mean come on?  They honestly expect high school students to do this?  I'm a college graduate.  I'm a professional business woman.  I've negotiated a mortgage and half way through a divorce.  And I can't get into a damn university class. 

- In March I called MRU (University) to ask if my courses from my diploma would transfer, they said I need to email the transfer department.
- I emailed the transfer department with all the courses I have and the ones I want them to be equivalent to.  Took them weeks, but they got back to me, saying most likely but they can't tell me for sure until I register for said courses.
- I applied to MRU.
- I called my high school and had my transcript sent to MRU.
- I called my college and paid to have my transcript sent to MRU. (I couldn't send the transcripts - they HAD to come from the academic sources)
- I recieved my admission with info for registering.
- I had registered for open studies at the suggestion of someone in the admissions office.  They said I can take the courses I want and then apply them to the HR certificate I want later on when I'm ready to declare a major.
- I attempted to register online this morning.  I couldn't figure out the website.  I asked our part-time receptionist (who goes to MRU) for help.  We found that all the courses I'd want to take, all 5 of them, are restricted.
- I called the admissions department, they said I need to add 'University Entrance Option' to my application and that I need to speak with an evaluator.
- I left her a voicemail.
- She called back and told me she can add it, but I still won't be able to get into those courses so I need to speak to an advisor.
- I called the advising department, they said I can apply to the HR program, but that still won't get me into the courses either.  She said I need to speak to the dean of Business/HR Chair and ask for special permission to get into the classes.
- I left her a voicemail.
- I'm still waiting to hear back from her. 

Even if she gives me permission and I get into the class I want to take, I then will have to pay another $70 for application to the HR program.  And register in October for Winter semester, and will likely have to get permission again to take courses. 

I can see why people give up.  This is beyond ridiculous!  5 phone calls and 2 hours later and I'm still no further than I was when I started this morning.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Is it a pre-requisite for Parts Department Managers to be sexist jerks?

I've sent one manager no less than 15 resumes, at minimum 10 qualified with experience.  5 that would be perfect for the job.

Who does he want to hire?  The young girl bartender with no experience and no qualifications.  Sounds about right. 

Pisses me off to no end.  Mostly because what is the point of me pre-screening resumes when he is going to hire the girl with the biggest... ahem... "assets"?  ...And no experience. 

*sigh*  I'm ready for a holiday. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Normal Days

Nova Scotia, Sept 2008

I'm not sure why I stress over change so much.  I thrive on choas it seems...to a point and then it makes me insane.  I get worked up over everything when it feels like my life is pulling in all directions and I have no control.

I work hard to deal with my inner-control-freak.  I stuff her back down and tell her to chill out when I want to scream and worry and make things all clean and tidy.  I don't feel the need to be in control of everything, but when nothing seems to be going the way it should and things are messy, well I get a bit nervous. 

It's been over a year since I left C, actually closer to a year and a half.  R and my 1 year anniversary is in June.  We are moving very soon.  I just moved 6 months ago so it's bugging me.  And we knew we were going to move again, so we left more than half of my things still packed in boxes - I'm hating it.  We were supposed to move in early, around next weekend, but now someone is temporarily living there until the end of the month, so we don't know when we are moving in.  Maybe next weekend.  Oh, it had better be next weekend. 

I hate the rush of moving.  Can't find anything, stuff all over, stuff in boxes.  The hard, heavy lifting and moving, ugh.  The people here are particular so the cleaning has to be impeccible.  So here she comes ICF - if we can move on Saturday May 28th and unpack on the 29th and clean after work on the 30th, then it'll all be finished for a walk thru on the 31st - eek! 

Work is super busy.  I'm doing 1 1/2 positions currently.  Mine and some stuff for payroll.  I like it, but it's wayyyyyy busy, can't keep up busy.  R starts a new job on Monday.  He was approached and doesn't like his current job.  He's been there just over 3 months. 

And then I jump all over.  I wanted to take holidays this summer.  I wanted us to take a week off.  And now with R starting a new job there is no way he'll have vacation saved up for a week off this summer.  Ugh.  Why stress?  I don't get it. 

I do need time off.  Badly.  R says that he's going to have to babysit me when I take vacation time.  I don't relax.  I keep insanely busy so that when I go back to work, things slow down.  I'm always hectic paced.  I like to visit my mom, dad or sister but end up running the entire time.  I have this issue with doing nothing...there are always things that need to be done. 

I keep telling him I need to find a beach and go somewhere where there is nothing I can do, and leave my cell at home.  I'm sure the first day might make me stir crazy lol. 

Either way I can't wait until the move is finished.  I'm super sick of boxes and now we have more as we continue to pack up more things.

Does it make sense that this move makes me a bit sad?  I didn't love where we've been living, but it is our first place together.  R says it isn't our first place, that it was his place and I moved in and we didn't make it our place together and that this new house will be our first place together.  I agree but can't help feeling a bit sad that we are leaving the first place we lived together and in the past 10 months have had a lot of happy memories here. 

I think I need a stay-cation after this move.  And some serious sleep. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Ever have a realization that is simple, yet silly?

This morning I was getting ready for work and I realized that I'm on medication.  For life.  I've been taking this pill every day for the past 2 years, but for some reason it just hit me this morning.  It's one of those, I'm getting older moments, but it still caused me to stop and think about it.

What really started it, is that our suite is being shown to potential renters and so since someone is coming in this afternoon, I was looking around to ensure that everything is ok and I saw the bottle on the bathroom shelf with the little pink pills in it.  And I realized, I'm one of those people!  Surreal.  I'm not dying, but I do have hypothyroidism. 

Basically an under-active thyroid, which funnily enough took years to diagnose, mostly because all the symptoms are so basic that no one would ever know. 

Today will be insane.  I have a meeting shortly and after that 3 new employee orientations.  I have minutes to catch up on and a RSP/RPP clearing account for payroll that doesn't balance that I need to find out why. 

And then all the other day to day things.  Better run.

Happy Monday.

Friday, May 13, 2011


So while Blogger has been down I realized that it's much a part of my routine.  Every morning after I get to work, I sit at my computer, eat my breakfast, drink my tea and read blogs.  Before I start work.  It's my launch into the day.  And I missed it the last day or so.  Bah.  I'm boring.

I'm also so busy I can't keep up at work.  Again.  This is insane. 

Went shopping last night.  Bought 2 pairs of capri's (one needs to go back), picked up a ring that my mom got me for my birthday (it hurts my finger lol) and attempted to find shoes for work.  I've never been able to wear shorts, skirts or capri's to work before.  I've always worked too much in the shop area and had to wear jeans and boots.  I'm pretty happy this year.  Although go figure I can't find shoes that I'd like to wear all day.  haha, oh well, I likey some shoe shopping!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Reason #54 I can't wait to move - when there is frost on the car, but it's plus 3 outside, I will know when to start the car early and let it warm up for a minute BEFORE  I go outside to leave for work. 

I text R this reason this morning lol.  I'm so ready to move.  He asked for the other 53 reasons, haha, and although I'm quite sure I could list them, I won't.  Because I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about them.  Last night R told me he missed Kelli and when is she coming back, I told him after we moved. 

Yup, moves stress me out.  A lot.  I hate the mess and the boxes and half your crap in boxes and then you need something that has already been packed, and what box is it in?  Gahhhhhhh.  Makes me insane. 

I feel uneasy about this move.  I have this little deep fear that something is going to fall through last minute and then we're gonna be in a panic.  Or moving late on the 31st because of something else screwing up. 

Honestly, I'm a positive, optimist, but moving brings out the worst in me. 

So this week has been my "piss-off-the-department-managers" week.  Not my fault.  Totally.  My boss asks for some info.  I get it to her, then it turns out someone else didn't do what they were supposed to, so then they are pissed at me for pointing it out.  Well duh, I was asked too.  Frick. 

And it's super hot in my office.  Hot enough I want to strip down and sit in front of a fan.  Yuck. 

I've been doing payroll this week.  I don't mind it.  I was sort-of offered the position, I think I might do it.  We'll see.  It's not hard.  I like the numbers part of it.  I feel like I've been running all over the building and I'm not sure what I should be working on right now.  It's frustrating.  And hot.  (Did I mention it's warm in here?) 

Friday, May 6, 2011

To the people upstairs

I understand you think you did us a big favor by letting me move in, however this doesn't really stand when you post your ad for a basement suite for single person or a couple.  We are a couple.  If you didn't want 2 people you should have listed your ad for one person or said no when you were asked.

You're never going to find a better renters than us.  We pay our rent on time, we are clean, quiet, respectful.  When you didn't want my dog to pee on your lawn, I took her out the alley  behind the house.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Even in 3 feet of snow.  When you asked us to shovel said snow - even though our lease specifically said that snow removal was provided, we complied. 

When your cow-girlfriend verbally b!tch-slapped me for 2 drops of water on the stairs we took it, cleaned it up and let it go.  When you changed the terms of the lease, we took it.  When you demanded we take off our shoes before entering the house (yep, even in the snow) we did what you wanted. 

When our lease came close to an end, even though we don't have to give you notice legally, and even though we told you when we signed the lease that we were leaving when it ended.  We still gave you 30 days written notice.

We accepted the fact that you both walk (stomp) around the house like you are elephants without complaining.  We ignored the fact that your dog's room was above ours and when you gave him that chew toy/bone to make him quiet (instead of walking him like you should have) and the fact that it sounded like you were drilling into the floor above our bedroom when we were trying to sleep, well we just put in ear plugs and made the best of the situation.

However, at some point, people stop being patient and get tired of the crap.  The final straw was GOING INTO OUR SUITE yesterday.  I know you denied this, but I am VERY conscientious to turn off the lights and when I got home yesterday the living room light was on.  I check every morning and I know I turned the light off, because I turned back to check yesterday before I left for work. 

To make matters worse, I don't care that it is your house.  It is our suite that we pay WAY too much in rent for.  So, when you leave a note on our door giving us "notice" that want to show the suite, which basically is only 45 minutes from when I walk in the door.  Well, that right there is not notice.  What is the point in leaving a note saying if it doesn't work to call you, if when we do you tell us you are going to show it either way?  We both have cell phones, call us.  The numbers are on our lease. 

You know what time I get home from work, because on a weekly basis your dog knocks me to the ground by jumping on me when I try to get in the house.  Is it really that difficult to schedule your showing around 7 instead of the note for 5:30 that you left us.  What would have happened if we hadn't have come home before 5:30?  Yeah, you probably would have shown it either way. 

I know when we leave you are going to try to keep part of our damage deposit, even though there is NO damage, some minor wear on the floors from usage (and the fact you put the cheapest laminate you could find in there), but we still have our own smoking gun.  R will do the walk through with you, and if you keep any more than $50, we will report you to the city for your illegal suite. 

You've pushed us too far and now we'll pull you with us. 

The best tenants you'll ever have, but then you screwed us over.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sick and moving

So sick.  And tired of being sick.  I've felt crappy for weeks now.  It's time for this to move on.  My best friend - the neti pot which I swear I couldn't live without right now.  It's kinda gross, but it works like a dream! 

Apparently because I'm so loud and stuffy due to not being able to breathe lol - R slept on the couch last night.  Haha.  I feel bad, but not really. 

I would rather be at home today however.  I took Friday off but this week is going to be busy and I'm going to make a doctors appointment I think too.  I'm sure it's a sinus infection.

On to other news.  We gave notice on our suite last night and went to view a house.  It's cute.  There are some things that I don't love about it but I think we'll be able to manage.  We sent in an application today so hopefully we'll know within a few days.  It's an older house, but with some work and love we can make it cozy and homey.  It has a double garage which R was after, they are putting in a dishwasher, which I like, it's 3 bedrooms that makes us both happy.  Laundry is shared - that sucks, the kitchen is small - bah, but the yard is fenced, dogs are allowed :) plenty of parking - which is no small feat in this city.  I'm not looking forward to moving, but I can't wait to be moved. 

Somehow I need to figure out a way to get my patio set from my ex...should be interesting.