Monday, February 28, 2011


Here is a preview of the project I've been working on for a good friend. I'm almost finished, however I've run into a creative slump. I think the crazy hours at work, the constant running and being so busy have left me feeling drained. Hopefully I can get this finished and mailed soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Since the big move...
The baby was sick in the hospital
R got sick
Then I got sick
Then I hurt my back - it was bad for 3 weeks
The baby got sick again
And now I am sick again...

I might very well lose my mind. I am back in RD on my last training session for today and tomorrow and if I was at home, I would not even had gone to work today. i am so tired of being sick. What is with all the germs going around

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little of this and that

It's been a good day. Busy, but then again, I like busy. Busy means it goes by quickly!

I started the day with great news - even though it was at 6am - from a good friend, so that put a smile on my face.

I picked up a netbook on Sunday evening, I've been watching them for a bit now and I wanted something small and basic. I have a good desktop computer, but I miss the convenience of a laptop. I like browsing the net while watching TV, something to bring with me when I'm travelling, and so on. And seriously for $250, can't really go wrong! I bought an Acer Aspire's awesome!

Heading back to RD for the last bit of training this week. I'll be soooo happy when that's finished. I'm tired of the travelling! I'll be there Thursday and Friday this week, so being already a short week (Thank you Family Day, holiday Monday), 2 days in this office and 2 days on the road. I'm happy!

We went out to a winter carnival yesterday. As far as carnivals go, it was L.A.M.E. but Chloe had fun on the horse "wagon" ride. It was too cold to stay any longer. And we got some time outside! We are starting to crave the outdoors. It's too cold lately and too snowy to do much. I'm ready to start the fun summer stuff - the get home from work on a Friday and decide to go camping, or go to a lake or something. I don't like the sun - I burn in like 5 minutes, but I like the shade and warmer than minus temperatures.

I'm also working on changing my SUV insurance over. I'm annoyed about it. I called earlier and they still haven't gotten back to me yet. And the fact that my insurance is moderately priced - $910 a year for full coverage and he told me that because of where I'm living now, it's going to go up "substancially"...whatever that means. Hopefully he gets back to me soon. I want to get this dealt with.

I have to get my butt in gear and finish my special project that I've been working on. I'm almost finished, a few more hours and it will be done and ready to mail. I'm excited and can't wait to put up some pictures!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

She's wearing what...?

I just wrote an entry and it was deleted...arg! So annoying.

Today is tacky sweater day at work - it's a cool idea if you have participation, but no one here yet is wearing one and I don't want to take my jacket off, bahahahaha I feel like a loser, lol.

I hope someone shows up soon, cuz, baby this sweater deserves to be SEEN!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How have I never...

...played with my blog layout before? Sheesh! I mean I've changed the background and played a bit, but I had no idea you could get backgrounds outside of blogger! Pathetic!

Things are going well. Today I get to investigate cell phone abuse. Sweet deal hey? I have 3 numbers in particular and I'm looking at pages and pages of old phone bills to see who they are calling and why. And when the new bill comes in 3 days I'll look over that one, then I get to confront the offending parties and ask them to identify the numbers and if they can't or it's personal, I have to ask them to pay for them. Great! One is a manager here who disapproves of my methods as it

Valentine's Day was a bust. Well more boring. I swear it's so over hyped. Why the fuss? Go ahead and celebrate love and what not, but do we really need to make such a huge deal over it and go crazy? R took me out for supper on Saturday night - my meal sucked, he liked his. Last night I cooked us supper, we exchanged cards, and he got me a box of chocolates - nice? Yes, but so cliche. Bah. I also argued with C, so suppose that was what threw me off? Maybe.

Social Committee meeting in an hour, gonna be an interesting one. Headed to see my mom this weekend, I'm happy to get away.

We had the baby yesterday. The 3 of us played all day, it was pretty good. all until R went out to BBQ and she screamed bloody murder and had a huge temper tantrum/meltdown. I was livid. Why does her mother insist on "Attached-parenting"?? WTF??? All it does is make the child co-dependant and freak out when a parent leaves the room. R was mad that I was mad. I was mad because who advocates to teach your child that they can't be in a room without a parent? That is not responsible parenting as far as I'm concerned. Just blogging about it fires me up again.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making it happen

I could totally rant about the week I've had, but instead I'm going to do a 5/5 and get it out and move on with it.

I'm Annoyed:
1. That the new girl I just finished training is (I'm pretty sure) looking for a new job already. Ugh.
2. I was told on Monday that my shirt was inappropriate - by someone who has nothing better to do than complain. I also checked with other people and they said I was fine - thank you very much!!
3. The people upstairs (along with everyother thing we're not allowed to do) have now taken over our parking spots. They have a garage, we park on the street. He parks like such an ass that I almost have to park down the block. It's my goal this weekend to get home Friday before he does so I can reclaim my spot - and then not move the SUV all weekend...hehehehe
4. I'm chair of the social committee at work, and I feel like I'm babysitting. The other members except 2 are not doing anything to help out, another member is getting resentful because she'd half doing the chair for me, but with trying to do my job and still spending a ton of time helping the new hire for my old job, I have no time to do anything! Frustrating!
5. I feel really tired lately. Super tired. I get up at 5:50am every day and by 9:30pm I'm usually on my way to sleepy town. R comes to bed a bit after me and I'm almost always asleep or falling asleep by then. Boo.

I'm loving:
1. A new project I'm working on! I'm having a lot of fun with it, and surprising myself with what comes out of it. Pictures to come later.
2. A beautiful new friend that I've made! I love our chatty emails!
3. I'm giving R tickets to Titanic for Valentines Day! Come on, tell me that's not I really want to see it, haha. He's taking me out for supper.
4. The weekend is almost here, the weather is getting nicer. R is doing a welding job on Friday night and Saturday morning, so I'm gonna get the house cleaned up and we are going to do something! Not sure what, but it will be good! lol.
5. I pulled out the slow cooker/crock pot again this morning, well last night actually. I want to keep using it and making the meal the night before to go in the pot, then putting it on in the morning. Come home at 5pm to cooked supper! How great lol. Today is the trial run. I usually do it on weekends but not during the week - I know backwards!

What's your good and bad?