Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random things

Since I've been away and am still busy, here is something for now:

1. I like the color pink - a lot.
2. I don't really like my husbands cooking that much. I don't complain when he doesn't cook because most of the time the spice combinations are too much for me. I'd never tell him that.
3. I don't like my job and the only reason I don't quit is because I don't want to take a pay cut.
4. I like that my job allows me to boss 3 men around all day - lol. JK. But I do get to tell them where to go all day long.
5. I miss my mom a lot and wish she lived closer.
6. I hope we can one day move to Nova Scotia, but before Chris's parents get too old.
7. I'm afraid we won't be able to have a baby.
8. I'm afraid we'll out grow this house and not be able to afford to move to something bigger.
9. My husbands obsession with buying a new truck is driving me insane.
10. I love that I control our finances, but hate that I feel like the warden about it sometimes.
11. We watch entirely too much TV.
12. I play games on my Blackberry at work when I'm bored. Even if I have work to do.
13. People who can't spell or don't bother to use spellcheck when they know they can't spell irritate me. (Just watch I'll have a bunch of mistakes on this lol).
14. I write "lol" a lot, but don't actually "laugh out loud", it's more of a smiling thing.
15. I'm pretty good at texting, fast too.
16. I buy and read Cosmo magazine almost every month.
17. I love gell nails but hate that they making typing harder.
18. I miss the old JS and find the new one so slow that other than signing up to save my name, I haven't done anything with it. Yet. But I will. I hope to keep both places.
19. I don't like spending much time with my families, other than my parents and sibblings.
20. I'm a stronger person than I ever imagined and it took being alone and moving, starting over to realize that.
21. I have a sister that is 6 years older than me that I haven't seen or talked too in 9 years.
22. She lives with a pedophile. I know this for a fact. She doesn't believe that he is this.
23. I miss my nephew since they moved away. I'm afraid he won't remember me as he grows up.
24. I hate that my sister is the favorite and everyone always makes a big deal about her.
25. I'd love to wear my wedding dress again. Maybe I'll wear it every year on April 19th - nah, just kidding. But I really do want to wear it again, it's so sad to see it in a bag, just hanging there.

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's hard to believe it's been a week or so since I last posted. I don't think in the year plus that I've been blogging that I've missed that long of a stretch, unless I was away on holidays!

Things are good, we've just been very busy lately. Chris got home last Saturday morning, which means I had to re-arrange my weekend plans, including getting up at 4:30am on a Saturday to come and pick him up, but it's been a nice week. I really missed him!

Not a lot has been going on. Work is still incredibly annoying and I can't wait for the day I can quit. We have done a bit of upgrading around the house. Putting up some new lights and cupboards and shelves. Organizing.

I took today off and we did some errands and got Chris's truck insurance cleaned up and up to date. I'm finally getting a hair cut tomorrow! Yay for that! It's been too long. My hair is getting very long and I'm happy but it's dry too.

See a week off and still nothing to say. Life is good. I'm happy. Chris is home and it's great to see him. I've missed you all and think of you often. I hope to catch up on my faves this weekend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I did some good soul searching last night. While I should have been I'm tired today. I realized not long after I posted that a major part of the reason I'm so anxious about JS has nothing to do with JS at all. I miss Chris. A lot.

He's been away for 18 days now and it's been a very long time since we were apart for that long. I think once back in the beginning of our relationship we were apart when he worked for 23 or 26 days, I can't remember how long it was now. By the time he gets home, we'll have been apart for 23 days. I miss him terribly.

I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of sleeping alone. I miss him next to me. I miss cooking supper with him and cuddling on the couch watching TV with him. I hate that the only time I can talk to him is at night on the phone. I miss contact!

I wake up a lot at night most nights. But in the last week I've woken up thrashing around. I was telling Chris this morning and he told me that he thinks I was looking for him in my sleep. Makes good sense to me. It's going to be a lonnnngggg weekend for me. I'm not going in the city this weekend. If Carrie (poor girl) ever has that baby I might go see her, but she has family staying with her so if I do, it won't be for long. If the roads were better (they're awful) I'd go to my mom's. Anyhow, enough dwelling...

So Carrie went into labor at 3am on Tuesday morning, she finally called me at 3pm today, still no baby! Yikes. They were going to induce her, but nothing so far. I stopped by after work and saw her for a bit, she's doing well, but tired. Poor girl. When I left she had been in labor for over 39 hours and still no baby. They were thinking she might end up with a C section as he was still sitting high and his head wasn't in the proper spot. I hope I hear soon.

Well that's all I have for now. I'm exhausted beyond exhausted. I need to get some sleep.
5 more days...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yikes what a day...

Well I still feel anxious over the JS start up again. I have no idea why I feel so jumpy about it. Becomingkate and Bobby both put it perfectly - it took so long to get up here and the bugs at JS are hard to figure right now. I've never used wordpress before, but I'm not a fan as of yesterday. I'm frustrated because I do miss JS a lot, but it's not home right now. This place is getting better and I've found most of you all here. I feel like a lost, confused little kid who doesn't know where to call home...

I think for now, I'm going to stay here and try to figure out JS a bit later. Maybe give it a week or 2 to get less confusing...? I can't even figure out how to search for members! Damn I hate this.

Anyhow, moving on...

Today was a good day. My friend Carrie, is pregnant and her due date is today! She called me at 7:15 this morning and told me she had a false alarm, but was at the hospital, could I come pick her up and drive her home? Yep, gotta go to work first and get my boys out the door, but then I'll come and get her. So keeping driving to work, get the boys set up. Drive from the North of the city to the South to go get her, then drive back across the city back north, get on the hwy and drive another 25km, drop her off, drive the 25kms back to my office. Whew!

Then work all day.

Her friend Jackie is being her coach and with her when she goes into labor, but I was on baby watch and a back up - since Jackie's work is being "unreasonable" and wouldn't let her leave during the day if Carrie went into labor. To be honest, I had no desire what-so-ever to be in that delivery room with her, but she's my friend and I don't want her to be alone. So, I would have gone. Anyhow, later in the afternoon, around 3, Carrie was heading back to the hospital and Jackie was off work to take her. I'm relieved!

I hope she's doing well. No news yet, but I'm sure she'll have him tonight.

Carrie got pregnant and the guy she was seeing split. Just FYI....

Anyhow, so that's all I got. Chris will be home in 5 days and I'll be happy, he's been gone now for 17 days and I miss him. I'm getting lonely and bored too. Maybe that's why I'm so cranky over this JS thing...

Monday, January 12, 2009

JS is back....?

I guess it's true. I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I mean I really missed it, but man to start over...AGAIN. Arggghhhh. Frustrating. It's good news, but to move back somewhere and to have to start the search to find my faves......again!

I signed up, just to save my user name if nothing else. Maybe I should wait until I'm not tired, flying in the door, and hungry to think about it.

who's moving?

Who's staying?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok, so here are the boots! I'm new at this (aren't we all), but my goal is to load a few pictures. It was freakin' hard to try to take pics while I was wearing them. That is, being that staying on my feet was a goal - as opposed to falling on my ass because I NEVER wear heels! lol.

The heel is pretty high and they go up to my knees, but I like the way they look. I'm not sure where I'm going to wear them, but meh oh well. They were on sale!!

And just because it's fun to be picture crazy (now that I know how to load them) here is a picture of the new stuff I got for our bathroom yesterday. It's hard to take a photo of such a small room, but here it is. The bath mat on the floor is teal colored. The multi colored thing is a new hamper and the shower curtain is obvious. It's shear white and there are butterflies on it. The butterflies are only sewn on the top so the wings aren't attached. It's kinda cool looking. I love the subtle colors and that it's pretty but not over the top girly.
Today was been a nice, low key day. I cleaned the house, did a bunch of laundry, put away a pile of stuff and now I'm just relaxing. I should call my MIL sometime tonight. And soon, because she's 3 hours ahead of me and it's already after 4pm.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Retail Therapy

I wasn't sure whether I was going to go anywhere today or not, but I decided to get up and meet Becomingkate for lunch. I was up anyhow, so I hustled and got there in time for her lunch break. I love being able to do that. I can't really just fly out of here and run away when Chris is home, so that was good. We had a nice lunch, I went and did some shopping and came home. It was good.

I finally got a new shower curtain for our bathroom. The guest bath has been done for months now, and then I had to break from house stuff when Chris wasn't working. I've been dying to replace our shower curtain with something nicer. I found one, got a nice, fabric liner, a new bath mat that matches the curtain and a new hamper! And thanks to our stash of Canadian Tire money, I only had to put out $20!

Then I went and got the HOT boots I was looking at before. They are smokin'!! And when I got to the till, they were half price!!!!! I love it when that happens.

Now I'm home and thinking about relaxing the rest of the day. I'm going to get on my eliptical after supper I think. But for now, I'm going to go and bask in my shopping pleasure!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I feel old

and kinda like a loser. lol. Here I am at home on a Friday night. Alone. Doing nothing. Lol. At least when Chris is home, WE'RE at home on a Friday night. ha, I don't even remember the last time we went out on a Friday night. We are so going to dinner and a movie when he gets home!

It's been a long week so I'm grateful that it's over. I was going to do some shopping tomorrow, then I decided I didn't want to drive in, then I thought I'd stay after work, but I wanted to come home. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I know I have to clean the house tomorrow, put away some laundry and definitely shovel the driveway. I should have last night when there was about 4 inches of snow, but I didn't. I should have tonight too, but I'm not going to! Ha, it's cold out there.

I'm not even sure why I keep posting all this week. I have nothing to say....

I'm just bored I guess. Think I'll go watch a movie.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

this song is stuck in my head

YouTube - Zac Brown - Chicken Fried - Variety Playhouse

I have no idea how to post youtube videos! but this song (hickish I know) is stuck in my head, I love it!!

(and if anyone can give me tips on how to post videos.......that would rock!!)

I'm sick of winter

I really am. I'm also tired of freezing my ass off. -30 is ridiculous. I swear I haven't felt my toes since October!!!

Not much going on. I'm debating the eliptical. I'm really tired and don't feel much up to it right now. And if I don't get on there soon, Chris will be calling me and there is no way I can talk on my cell and elipic! (Ha is that even a word?) I'll freakin' fall off.

I'm so happy it's Friday tomorrow. Yay! I don't have any major weekend plans. Clean up the house. Get on the eliptical at least twice and sleep in! Getting up at 6 (ok 6:15) sucks. I hate getting up so early. Why can't work days start at 10 and go until say 4? That would be great. I guess I have it good, Chris starts work at 7am and goes until 7pm - every day. Ick.

I don't really have much to say. There are some sweet sales on right now. I even have to admit, I've bought some Christmas presents!! Hehehe. Every year I say I'm going to start in January so the 20 people we have to buy for doesn't take me forever, and I never start until September or October. Well this year, I'm doing it. I'm starting and I swear I'll be done by October....ok November for sure though. Plus, I'll save a bunch if I hit sales through out the year.

My stupid Blackberry crapped out on me today. All day yesterday and the day before (today too) it was slow and the hour glass wouldn't go away. It killed my battery before noon yesterday and today and nothing would run properly. I took it to the Telus store today and they told me I was running applications that are "not for Blackberry". Excuse moi? I do nothing with the damn thing. Whatev. Apparently it screwed something up. They had to transfer all my data over and then reset my whole phone and then re=transfer all the data back. Ugh. My phone book was saved, but not my photos or my preferences. I guess that's what I'll do tomorrow when I'm bored. Ha.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hump day!

Hey it's hump day!! And it's over! who knew? I thought it was Tuesday all day, I swear until around 1pm. At least it didnt' cause me to overbook today...wait, can you do that? Maybe not.

Anyhow, I'm glad this week is winding down. What a long week it's turned out to be already. Come on weekend!!

I went shopping after work today. Chris decided I need heels...why you ask? I'm not telling. I'm already taller than he is....haha, moving on....I found these awesome boots that are pointy toe, sort of stiletto like, so HOT! But I didnt' buy them...why? I have no idea. I might go back tomorrow.

Ok, gotta make this short.

I have one complaint today...does anyone else notice it takes waaaayyyyy longer to catch up on reading blogs on this site?? I swear on JS I could read all my faves a lot faster. Now it seems to take me longer and I miss some in my search. I guess I'll get used to it. I've heard there is this counter thingy you can add too...that sounds cool. I'm not computer savvy though, so we'll see. Although I was thinking, (compliments of Forest), what are the number of new sign ups the past 2 weeks on blogger...? ha!

So, my manager called me today. He starts off by saying he got my email and a big long pause. I say yep. He says he's planning on coming next week, maybe Thursday. I tell him great. He asks me if I have any questions..... and another pause. I tell him yes, but nothing that can't wait until he gets here. I know he is super curious, but I'm not getting into it over the phone. I know he knows something is up, because generally I just call if I have an issue. We'll see. I'm on it like white on rice (ha! lame analogy, but for some reason it popped in my head) and I've been watching verrrrryyyyy closely for the parts jerk to screw up....haha, so I can write it down in my notes! I'm evil!!!! Well no, just vindictive this time and I'm not letting it go!

Gotta run, Chris is calling me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I feel so out of shape! Yikes!

Chris bought me an eliptical for Christmas, (I wanted one) and I've been trying to get myself psyched up to use it. I have a few times, but it kicks my butt everytime. I swear this one is WAY harder than the one at the gym that I was using last year.

Isn't exercise supposed to make you feel good? I don't feel good, *sigh* I feel a bit pathetic that I can't sustain on it longer. I guess I need to work back up to it. Good thing Chris is working so that when he gets home, hopefully I can get my stamina back up. Oh well, takes time I guess. I hate that feeling though....kinda loser-ish.

Today was ok. Nothing special happened. I sent an email to my manager, asking when he was coming to our branch next. I know he was out on a late business lunch when I sent it, so I'm sure that's why he didn't reply. He'll probably call me tomorrow. If not, I'll call him. Enough on that....

I was so mad at Chris last night. His cell bill every month is so unpredictable! It annoys me to no end! My cell bill is around $70 every month (we dont have a house phone) and his is anywhere from $110 - $200, every month!! The one for this month is $180! I freaked out! He's like it's not my fault - hmmm, yep someone goes on your phone, calls directory assistance, downloads ringtones and is on the internet, right?! Grrr.... so frustrating.

I need a holiday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday frustrations

Actually my day started out rather well. I was busy as ever, trying to get all 3 mechanics out the door and give them things to keep them busy. I hate coming in not prepared, it's a mad rush to try to find them work so they get in as many billable hours in a day as possible. I managed by about 9:30 to get them all out the door and busy for today and tomorrow. Now tomorrow I'll have to focus on the rest of the week... *sigh* it's ongoing.

Speaking of on-going. It's been a while since I've talked about the jerk that I work with in the parts department. He is still up to his stupid ways. I'll have to back date here to give a little history on what happened over the Christmas JS shutdown.

So I worked November 11th (because it was a Tuesday and I was so very far behind at work), in lieu my company gave me January 2nd off. Because our company year end is December 31st, I'm not allowed to take any days off in December, ever, at all. Anyhow, I had previously back in September booked January 2nd off as I knew I was going to my mom's for NYE. Anyhow, so in November, after I had already changed the 2nd from a vacation day to a lieu day, the parts jerk decided he was going to take Jan. 2nd off too. Now because we are a small branch, one of us always has to be in the office. If not him, then me and vise versa. Well he booked the day off anyhow. (We book thru separate managers).

Anyhow, on so on December 30th I found out that he took the day off, I asked him how that was going to work, us both being off, he said he didn't care and don't worry about it, the parts manager knew. Well I knew I'd get in shit for it, (or we both would) and if he was unwilling to tell someone or go thru the proper channels I'd do it. So I called payroll and talked to her about who booked it off first and let her know that no one was going to be in the office that day. She passed it on to the appropriate person. The parts manager called the jerk and told him since I had taken it off first, he had to work it.

But get this, he now gets 2 days off instead!! WTF??? I'm mad by now. So he doesnt' follow the "rules" and he gets rewarded by another day off with pay?? Come on now!!!

Today I find out that on Friday he called the parts manager and got him to send the guys in the back home early because they weren't working (it was slow) just so he could leave early!! He closed the shop at 2pm! So, now he screws the guys in the back out of 2.5 hours of pay, closes the shop 2.5 hours early, gets paid the full day, and gets another vacation day in lieu...???????

I'm discusted but it all! It's total favoritism. I'm going to talk to the branch supervisor tomorrow, (we are friends and share an office) and update him about what I found out today. After that I'm calling my service manager (who happens to be the son of the owner of the company) and tell him he needs to come to the branch so we can have a meeting.

I'm going to tell him everything that's been going on. That I want a raise and that I'm not happy. I realize that I should rever my job right now, but I don't. I'm not scared or worried about the future (although I probably should be). I can't stand what goes on in this branch. I bust my ass and work so hard and he gets favoritism and rewarded for not telling anyone, even though he knew for 2 full months that no one was going to be in the office on Friday. Ya ok.

I don't know what to expect from that meeting, but dammit something has to change.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to normal

I'm still not overly crazy about the new blog. I miss JS a lot and the people. I spent a ton of time online today trying to find where some of my faves went. I found a bunch of you (yay) but I'm still missing some of the ones I loved to read. I also hate the fact that some people have switched to all kinds of sites, so some are here and others aren't. It's harder to catch up with everyone. :( I miss a ton of blogs but ones I still can't find: Roux, lostkittens, forest, or bobby.

Anyhow, onto life. Today was pretty good. I cleaned up the house and put away the rest of the gifts that were still hanging around. I got most things put away. I still have some things that are Chris's that I need to do something with. It's a slow process.

Back to work tomorrow, yuck. I enjoyed working 3 day weeks, now back to normal and 5 working days. Yikes.

Life is good though. We were blessed this Christmas. We were able to see a lot of our family and that was great. We were both spoiled and Chris has been back to work since the 27th of December. I'm happy.

We have some other good news too - we are going to start trying to have a baby! I'm super excited about this and of course I can't tell anyone!!! It's making me crazy. We don't want the pressure of telling people so we are going to wait until something (or nothing) happens. April will be our one year anniversary so it's a tad bit early but still very exciting. We've realized we were waiting until we were more financially secure but who knows when that will ever happen? Life is never secure financially anyhow.'s been so long since I've written anything, there is so much to talk about but I can't think of anything. Oh ya, my secret santa (westy) sent me a really cool gift and it was really fun. Thank you Westy! I sent Wizardress her gift late - which so should have been there by now, but I guess she hasn't got it yet. I hope soon. It's very Canadian and I had fun shopping for her.

Better run. More later.

starting over

I too am a JS castaway. Without a home to blog, I'm lost. It's taken me some time to get over that Journalspace will not come back and I have to start over. I only wish I had made a better list of my faves, because I can't remember them all, but I sure do miss you all!!

Anyhow, so here is the new blog. As for now, I'm just going to try to find some of my old faves, I guess some of you are here. If you are, say hello and let me know where to find you!!

Hugs to you all, I miss you!