Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm sorry for being so MIA lately.  I can't keep up with everything that I need to do.  I'll run with an update and promise a real post soon!

- First off, thank you for your sweet comments on my rant the other day.  I feel better about it.  We will work through it because we need to and this won't fix on it's own, but for now, I have no time to move forward on this, so we will make it work as best we can for the next month.

- My schedule for the next 2 weeks bites my ass!  I worked 11 hours yesterday.  Ugh.
Saturday - baby C all day.
Sunday - work on my partner project for school.  We have to write an 8 page paper, put together a presentation.  Boo!
Monday - meet with my boss, drive to RD, do an orientation for a new hire and train her.  Come back for class.
Tuesday - launch new wellness program here at this office, full day.
Wednesday - launch in RD, full day, come back for class.
Thursday - start a 2 day orientation for trainer in my office.
Friday - get everything finished and ready for company Christmas party (I'm the chair).
Saturday - Christmas party.
Sunday - Baby C all day.
Monday - Paper is due (I need to finish this before this day).
Wednesday - partner project and presentation due.
The following Sunday - kids Christmas party at work, I'm a volunteer.

- I need to get some Christmas shopping done, pronto!  I'm wayyyyy  behind for my usual standards.  Crap.

- I've been working my ass off, but my boss appreciates it.  She tentatively offered me Flames tickets for the game tonight, she would let me know.  I told her I wanted to buy tickets for the Flames and Canadiens as my  Step-Dad is a huge fan.  She said those were already spoken for (our company has season tickets).  She text me this morning that she was going to use the tickets for tonight, but that she left me something in my file at work - guess what?  Canadiens tickets!!!  My step-dad is going to be thrilled!  I'm going to be the number 1 kid for a bit!  hahahahaha.  7 rows behind the bench!  woot!

- The receptionist here makes me insane some days.  I'm the chair of the damn committee yet she gives me shit for doing stuff without her.  WTF.

- I booked holidays for the 4 days between Christmas and New Years and I can't wait!  I need that holiday. Now!

- As of yesterday, I have 23 hours of overtime banked.  By Christmas I will have enough OT to take that time off and I can save my vacation hours.

- I'm planning a trip to Nova Scotia this year.  R needs a break badly and wants to see his family.  Come on seat sale!!!!

Whew.  Wish me luck.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I hate that I'm so busy lately.  I have no time to blog and even though I don't have any time right now, I need to rant out the frustration so I can get on with my day.

R's ex is at it again.  The woman is insane!  I swear.  We've been wanting to have baby C sleep over night at our house for awhile now.  Having her every Sunday is draining on us and we never seem to get much done, basically because we only have 1 day per weekend.  I usually spend it doing homework and R catches up in the garage or on projects.  Anyhow, she is 2 now and A was adamant that we wait until she was a year and a half.

So yesterday when we picked up baby C, R asked A about it.  She apparently got quite upset and said no that it wasn't going to happen any time soon and that baby C wasn't ready.  She was going to provide a list of the reasons why so A and R could talk about it.

When we dropped baby C off last night she gave him a written note of all the reasons.  I told R that I just got 12 years younger, are we in high school??  Anyhow, on the top of the list was that baby C would still rather sleep in mommy's bed.  That is how she wrote it.  This woman has an English degree!  Ugh.  The point in that she had agreed to R that she wouldn't let baby C sleep in her bed any more - a year ago!!!  She also wrote that she is still nursing her.  Something else she agreed to stop 6 months ago.

She told R she didn't believe that baby C was napping at our house, called him a liar basically.  All because A can't get baby C to nap unless she rocks her and nurses her.  Remember baby C is over 2 years old now! I'm just so tired of this.  Today its better.  Yesterday I was pissed.  Like seriously, can she just stop for one moment and think of what is best for baby C??

R wants to spend more time with his child and A won't let him.  Her solution is that we take her Friday evenings for 3 hours and Sundays.  That doesn't work.  Plus it would be about 2 hours driving on Friday and Sunday each.  Mostly because A refuses to drop baby C off at our house.

Rant over.