Friday, October 21, 2011

I think...

...I might be dying.  No seriously.  Can't. Stop. Coughing.  All friggin' day and all friggin' night.  R got so fed up last night that he went and slept in our spare bed. Grrr.  It hurts, I almost vomit often and it's annoying.  Needs to stop!

...I should be writing my paper, not blogging.  But blogging is more fun than writing a paper so guess what?  My paper can wait until tomorrow.

...It's getting colder.  There was frost on my SUV this morning.  And I forgot to turn the heat up so my remote starter would defrost it.  Oops.

...I need a mini-holiday.

...I'm gonna be downright mad if I get a crappy mark on my midterm from this week.  It was hard.  Damn.

...I hope R gets home from work soon.  I need some cuddle action.

...I also need some vapor action.  As in Vicks.  Have you tried the Vicks scented Kleenex?  Seriously, when a friend of mine brought them, I thought she was insane, but I tried some while I've been sick.  I'm in love.  They smell soooooo good.  Ahhhhhhh and they ease that tightness.

..I need to go buy some cough medicine before bed tonight.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's doin'?

Sorry for the MIA.  Between work, homework, school and house stuff, we've been busy.  *whew*

Tonight I'm going with my good friend Dee to Avril Lavigne!!  Which feels somewhat juvenile, however we are going to have fun - even if we are the oldest ones there, hahaha.

Friday my good friend came to visit.  We've been planning this girls night for months now and after putting it off 3 times we finally managed to get together.  She is a photographer, that is still learning so we picked up the baby and went out to get some family shots.  It was fun.

Some of my favorites from the day.

She had a lot of fun running around.
This next one was taken just as I averted disaster...

Little miss thinks she's too big to sit on the slide, so she just tried to go down without fully sitting.  I was at the bottom waiting for her to come down, R was at the top (we do this ALL the time) and she just went.  Luckily I was able to grab her off the opposite side of the slide and catch her before she dove head first into the rocks.  Scared the crap outta me.  She, however didn't even notice.

All in all, we got some good photos and it was a good day. 

My friend even got some good shots of our view...

These are some shots of what we can see looking out our front window at our house.  I love that view.  It's harder to see in the pictures, but in the distance you can see the mountains.  

I'm off work today as well - Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.  Tonight is the concert, but today I'm working on a research paper - boo.  

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm sitting at my desk, drinking my tea and trying to breathe before this day ramps up and gets out of hand.  I know it will happen soon - I'd say in the next hour.  Open house at work, showcasing a new product.  Things need to be done and organized.

I hate my work shirt that I have to wear tonight.  HATE it.  It doesn't fit right, it's not a style I ever wear and I'm really, really uncomfortable in it.  I'll be wearing it for 8 hours too.  *Sigh*

I'm off for 5 days after today - thank goodness!  I need a break.  Ugh.

My girlfriend from high school is coming up to see me tomorrow.  Girls' day!  I'm very excited.  Saturday she is taking photos of R and the baby and I.

Am I slightly annoyed:
- That A felt she had to tell R that it wasn't appropriate for us to take photos with me and the baby? (and he didn't tell her to shove it) ;)
- That R wants some photos of just him and the baby?
- That I'm secretly dreading the clothes that R picks out to wear? (the man seriously needs an intervention)
- That it's cold and rainy today and it's supposed to last?

Yes to all.  Mostly annoyed at the first 2 however.  But I digress.

I have a homework to do.  I've been keeping up on the reading, but I didn't do the last 2 assignments.  I have to read another chapter and some questions need to be answered.  I have a paper that is due on October 26th, but it is 6 pages and I want to do it this weekend.  The second part of the paper on the same company/topic is due in mid-November and will be another 8 pages.  I need to jump on this.  I hope to get all my research and an outline done this weekend.

What are your weekend plans?