Wednesday, April 29, 2009

moving on *updated*

I’m a bit grossed out and annoyed by sexist pigs today. They have been interviewing for my position this week and it makes me a bit sick. Seriously.

I fully understand that appearances matter in some jobs and depending on what you do. But not in my position. Not to say that I think I’m unattractive. Or attractive for that matter. I’m ok with my appearance and how I look, but that’s not the focus of this post. My annoyance stems to a comment that was just made by the hiring manager. (Same said manager that is the main cause of my leaving the company).

He has been interviewing a lot this week. 5 on Monday, 2 today so far and 2 this afternoon that are 2nd interviews. One girl just left this morning. Her interview was about 10 – 15 minutes shorter than all the rest have been, but when she left his comment to my office-mate was “I can see why she was recommended”. Are you frickin kidding me????!!!!!

Ok, she was small, cute, and blonde. I’m cool with that. I know what I am and what I’m not, and I’m ok with that. But seriously? Her interview was shorter I’d guess not because you had a lot to talk about, but rather because she’s not right for this position – for whatever reasons. But to come down here and make such a rude, sexist comment – right in front of me, was totally uncalled for!

It’s been a strange experience to sit here and watch the girl’s parade in and out of here and to listen to him describe my position. (I can hear him upstairs talking when I’m in the shop and it’s quiet). The most ironic thing is that he has no clue what my position entails. He might say that he knows what needs to be done, but for how to manage your time to get it all finished and whatnot, he has no clue. I digress.

I know he’ll hire based on the brain in his pants rather that above his shoulders. You can see a trend since he started the hiring in this company. All young, all pretty girls. Most inexperienced and all ass-kissing yes girls. The ones that say yes to everything he asks or whatever he wants them to do.

Why does this bother me?

Because I spent the past 3+ years making this position. I have worked very hard and developed a routine to make this all happen. I’ve worked with customers and learned who they are, what they want and their needs. We’ve developed relationships and respect among colleagues. I hate the feeling that a yes girl who is going to sit here and kiss ass and mess it all up. I care about the work I’ve done and all the effort and frustration I’ve put into this place is going to be a complete waste.

I’m sad about leaving the people that have made the past days enjoyable and something that I’ve looked forward to in all the crap that I’ve had to deal with.

One tech this morning thanked me for all my work with him, for training him, for helping him, for being someone to confide in, for trying to help him. He told me he was going to miss me and what was he going to do without me. Another sent me an email (from the field) telling me that I can’t leave and what was he going to do with me gone and that I need to stay. I’ll miss them a lot and it’s going to be hard to walk away tomorrow.

I’m ready for a new job and this new phase of my life to begin. However, I’m sad to leave the people I work with everyday and talk to everyday. I’m going to miss them.

To add insult to the mix - they let me go early and paid me out. I'm insulted. I feel like this was the last slap on the way out the door.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

room with a view

Ok more like an office with no window. But woo hoo!

Maybe I'll start over. I got a call from my new general manager today. Asking if I could come to the office and meet my new manager and talk schedule. Sure thing.

They are very nice and I'm really excited to start!! We did a tour of the location and the generalities of what happens and when.
My official starting date is may 11th. I'll work a week and then head to Calgary for training. I have to wear steel toe boots or shoes. I wear them now. I don't love them but I deal with it so no change there. Can't wear shorts or skirts but jeans are suggested. Which is great in that I wear jeans and hoodies now. Nice to not have to change my wardrobe!

The best part though is that I GET MY OWN OFFICE!! I'm stoked about this! I share an office right now with 1 person whose gone half the time. But I swear its not the same. I'm very excited to have my own space!

And I'm really ready to start there. Its going to be great!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Anniversary

....indeed. Chris got called into work!!!!!!!

That's basically unheard of! My show today got cancelled by an 8:30am phone call. Not enough people coming, well more postphoned. Anyhow, so we got up, made breakfast, cleaned up and headed outside to do a bit of yard work. Chris pulled out the pressure washer for me and I did a total cleaning of my SUV - inside and out. It looks awesome!

Anyhow, so we planting some bushes we got bought yesterday when a consultant that Chris works for called and asked what he was doing and when he'd be done. Chris says, oh 10 minutes or so, why? And the consultant says - I need a guy to go to Dawson Creek. We're leaving in an hour!!!!! OMG!!!!

So we run into the house, he packs his clothes, I grab him so grub to take to the hotel (good thing we've got a good supply of canned and frozen stuff!!) and away we go. I take him to the city and drop him off.

So, some Anniversary!

It's a funny thing his job. I have to mentally prepare myself for when he goes back to work. It's much harder when we get surprised like this and can't think and prepare for him leaving. It's strange. I think it'll only be a few days at most, they're on stand by. So basically sitting there waiting to see if someone needs thier help. But it still pays. And a full month into break up - well a few days $ is great. If he gets 4 - 5 days, it'll be enough to pay the mortgage for next month and few other bills. This means $ we won't have to take out of savings account! Yippee for that!

It sucks that we don't get to spend the rest of our anniversary together. And it sucks that we have tickets for a monster truck show on Saturday night that if he's not back intime for we won't get to see, but in this business you work when you can. And in this economy you don't say no.

It's a big deal to be the one out of thousands off work to get the call. Even if it is for a few days.

All I know is that Chiquita and I miss him already.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I gave my notice at work yesterday. About 30 seconds before I left the office for the day. And about 20 minutes after I cleaned out my desk and took practically all of my belongings, and erased a ton of shit off my computer.

Never can be too careful.

I know it's going to hit like a ton of bricks and they will all be shocked. But it was a bit exciting to do... hehehe

I spoke with my new boss and she is great....well emailed. And I spoke with the HR from the new company. I'm all set. I have to get a physical before hire (wtf?) and training in Calgary for 2 - 3 days. The offer is a raise of $4000/yr to start and in 3 months an evaluation (maybe sooner if I'm doing well) and a raise of another $2000 - $4000/yr. I'm pretty excited. I finally broke the salary barrier that I've been beating my head against for years!

Today we are cleaning the house and relaxing. I can't believe it's after 3 already. Yikes where did the day go??

Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been 1 year since we got married! Crazy. And I have an epicure show at 1pm.

Well I'm off to make a saskatoon pie!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I got the job!

They called me at 4:15 today and let me know! I'm so excited! They are going to email me a formal offer and from there I'll know what the wage is going to be. I already know that to start, it's minimum $4000/yr more than I currently make.

Oh wow, I'm so excited!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm so annoyed i could scream and light my desk on fire

No really. I honestly want too. What a stupid day. Arguing with the rental manager. Arguing with the manufacturer warranty department. Idiots. I'm surrounded by them!

I got a call from a friend of mine and a reference on my resume. The job I interviewed with on Friday called her today! Another reference called. They had called her too! Yay! I'm hoping that's good news! I'd love to give this place the finger as I walk out.

And then set my desk on fire.

I have another interview after work tonight. I'm hoping for the best.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i told you

... I nailed it!

I got called for an interview today! Yippie! Monday @ 930. Good thing I had already taken Monday off. What a good way to go into a long weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

from phone

I knew one day I'd figure out how to post to blogger using my blackberry. I have to say js was way easier but now that this works I'm happy.

I'm bored. Seriously bored @ work. I'm waiting as patiently as I can for my phone to ring.

I applied for a wicked awesome job last week and I got a call yesterday! She did a pre interview over the phone. They seem to be doing that lately. Anyhow I totally nailed it! It went really well and she told me my resume stood out.

She was going to pass on my info to the man that was hiring with her notes and if he wanted to interview me he'd call. That was yesterday morning. Now I'm stressing out waiting.

Do you think if I don't hear from him by end of day tmrw that I'm not going to? (because of Friday being a holiday)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Well the big day is here, it's after 3pm and I'm still in my jammies! Yup, sounds like a good way to spend my birthday.

It's been nice. We've been hanging out, watching TV, I'm still crocheting the baby blanket.

Chiquita is good too. (our puppy). We run everytime she calls lol. It's fun though. Chris is getting tired of "potty training" and cleaning up pee. We both are, haha. But she's doing very well and only makes a few mistakes versus the many times she goes where she should.

Life is good. I hope I'll be able to read about you all soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm getting old

No seriously I am. Ok I'm not, but I feel like I am. On Sunday, I'll be leaving my mid-twenties and entering my late-twenties. I'll be *gasp* 27!!! Ok, but really I'm starting to feel like I'm not as young anymore. Birthdays are strange.

Work is crazy.

The dog is good. We're working on house training. It's a process. Yesterday no accidents. Today...many.

Chris is officially on break up. We just finished inputting his EI claim. Fingers crossed, let's hope! Only 28 days to wait...sheesh.

I'm ready for the weekend.