Thursday, December 22, 2011

Screw It

I'm not feeling very pro-work currently.  I actually have a case of the F...-it's.  You know, where you've reached the point where you just want to say, let's go home and start vacation!

Instead of being grumpy and negative, I'll shower you (whoever actually reads this...hopefully there are still a few out there) with photos instead as an update.  

I'm super happy about Christmas this year.  Who know why?  Maybe because last year sucked and R and I are making up for it this year?  We have lights on the house, the tree and most of any other surface I could find is decorated.  The presents are wrapped under the tree - except one dammit!  We listen to Christmas music all the time.  I can't wait to see my family in a few short days.  This is even my desktop - woo hoo!  Check it out!

My new bangs.  Did I post this already?  I cut them myself.  Which I don't recommend if unlike me, you haven't been doing it for years.  And I have.  Literally.  Why pay $35 for a trim when you can cut your own bangs?!  Ha.

I've also been making Christmas cards like mad lately.  Here are a few of the ones I've been working on...

I want this for my mom.  And since I didn't get it done in time, it will be late for Christmas.  Oh well, the thought that counts right?  I do have other stuff for her.  

Our tree and Miss C.  She was told not to touch the tree, so she drug her chair this close so she could get a good look, but not touch.  Haha, it was hilarious.

The Bass Pro trip that never amounted to anything.  We went for Santa photos, but the wind was blowing so bad it blew out a window in Santa's workshop.  That was the closest we got to Santa this year.  Damn.  I'm not even sure we'll get her there now.  Who wants to go on December 24th?  Not this lady.  Either way Miss C and I had fun.  She's such a poser.

My other kids.  Well my sister's kids.  Can't. Wait. To. See. Them!  Ugh only a few more days.  I miss them so much.  Such cuties.

My new fave thing to do? Snap pics with my iphone of stuff that either I want or R tells me he wants.  That way I generally remember where it is and exactly what (more for him) that he wanted for Christmas.  It worked super well.  I want this book.  I've read the others by her and I loved them.  There is one that was a movie not long ago, Something Borrowed I think....

Now that you've been inundated with pictures do you feel more festive?  If so, great, just doing my civic duty.  If not, what the hell?  Christmas is this close!  Get festive dammit!  :)

Merry  Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I really wish I had time to post...

Seriously.  I think  I underestimated how hectic life would be with work, school and trying to have some kind of home life!


- I have almost finished my course for this semester.  I'm heading into the final on Thursday with an average of 85%.  It should be 87% but my prof sucks.

- I can't wait to have my final over and done with.  Ugh.

- My Mom came up to visit last weekend, it was nice to get a visit.

- My Dad and step-mom are coming up this weekend to visit.  We are headed to Zoo Lights this weekend after we deep fry a turkey!  I can't wait for this whole weekend, it's going to be a blast! All my school work will be done until January 9th, my parents are up, good friends of ours are joining us.  Should be great.

- I still haven't started making Christmas cards yet.  I don't imagine I will do any other than the must-do's.  I've run out of time.

- I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping.  It never takes me this long to finish it up!  I'm always, always, always done way before December even starts!

- My sister finally moved out.  I think this is a post in itself that I need to write.  I wish I could help her.  Her husband of 10 years has been cheating on her.  With everyone, her "friends", random girls, in her house, in their bed, while she was home.  It's so bad.  Now her ex won't send her the proper child support.  My parents are paying her legal fees (which they can't afford) and I'm trying to help her as much as I can.  It's not like I can do much however.  Ugh.  It sucks.