Sunday, July 26, 2009


So I think I've decided to move over to KCL. It seems more like the old JS and I'm getting more response over there. I think I'll still keep this login as I haven't figured out KCL yet and I'm not sure how to add to my faves list for blogs not on KCL.

Either way, come check it out. If you're an old JS'er you'll know what I mean right away....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bank screw up

I stopped to get a drink to bring to work this morning and had to use my debit card. No big deal, I do it all the time, we have unlimited transactions. And the message comes back, card not set up. Huuuuhh? I ask the lady to try again, maybe I picked the wrong account. It happens again. I use another card and leave.

I, then call the bank to see wtf, as I just used that card last night and I KNOW there's money in the account. They ask if I got my new chip card in the mail. I say no. He then tells me, oh yes it looks like it was returned to us. So, then I ask. OK, so you just told me that the bank sent me out a new card, it was returned and my old card was still cancelled....? Um, excuse me?!

We check my address on file and it's the old address - from a year ago! However, get this...Chris and I have a joint account, our monthly bank statements come to our current address, why did my new card go to an old address? Well apparently even though our account is joint, and we updated the address "under his card", we still had to do it under mine as well. Stupid.

He asked me then if he could help me locate my nearest branch and could I possibly go in and get a new card. I said, I know where a branch is, thank you very much and I guess I have to go in and get a new card, as mine doesn't work and I can't just wait for up to 2 weeks for a new debit card to come in. Hmmm... I was polite to him, but seriously, there are some things you don't learn off a computer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I can see how this job would stress someone out. It’s pretty common knowledge that when you start a job, your going to have to clean up a mess left from the person before you. Either they were fired for not doing the job properly – leaving a mess behind, or they quit because they had enough – and they left a mess behind because they didn’t care anymore. Either way, I realized when I was starting I’d have a mess to clean up, but I had no idea it would be this bad. Or take this long to clean up. I have about $30,000 in claims that are too old to re-submit or to try to get payment from the customer on. And to get them removed from my warranty schedule, I have to justify each claim as to why it’s not been paid, why we can’t bill the customer, or why it wasn’t removed earlier. Luckily, I can still claim the person before me, even though that really was the case. It’s still stressful.
Every time I find something that is a mess left from the person before me, I have to justify it to a ton of people who all think this girl was great, an amazing warranty person. However, in my mind, if she was so great, there would not be this mess. I’m frustrated and I have no one to help me. It’s going to be a long month until (hopefully) I can get some of this cleared out. For now, I just have to focus on trying to keep current and trying to clean up the mess and hope that after that month, I still have a job. *sigh*

Monday, July 6, 2009


In other news:

I dropped a sharp knife into my toe this morning before work, it stabbed me, bled all over the freakin' floor, my kitchen towel, my foot. It hurts like hell still and I can't get shoes on.

I'm working the late shift today.

Chris is back to work - yay!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I can't believe I haven't written in weeks. I've been so busy! So, I can't seem to find out how to view blogs when I'm not a member at KCL or wordpress. So irritating. And I can't even post a comment to people to see if I can be added to an "allowed to read" list. Anyone know how to fix this?

We've been working around the house, more painting. It's starting to look really good. I was off yesterday for Canada Day and today feels like Monday all over again. My mom is coming up tomorrow for the weekend and Chris is still home. I'm hoping for a nice relaxing weekend.