Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I did last night...

I went to Ovo of course!  

It was so so so good!  I've never been to Cirque du Soleil before. 
 If you haven't either I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm too tired for heels.

Seriously I am. The walking, the stairs, ugh.  But these pants look so great with them.  So I'm wearing them.  But I'm complaining about it.

I'm getting worn out again.  Work is ridiculous.  I did 2 hours of overtime last night and between work being so hectic, University and homework, I'm spent.

I'm pretty excited that for Thanksgiving (Canadian = sooner :) I have 5 days off!  YAY!

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Morning...

...I was almost late for work.

...I got something brown on my white shirt somewhere between putting the shirt on and then coming downstairs.

...I then dropped my mascara wand on the same white shirt.  After I got the brown spot off.

...I had to go back upstairs and change.

...I couldn't find anything to make for lunch so I brought some veggies and cheese.

...I saw the most beautiful sunrise and I've decided to not let yesterday's bad day carry over to today.

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Balancing Act

As life changes I seem to be focusing more on balancing things out.  I have a massive to-do list that makes me go a little crazy when I even think about it, but I can't ignore it either.  Balancing life, work and school is a bit more than I think I can handle most days, but then I sit back and remember I have no choice.  Am I going to stop living?  Am I going to quit my job?  Am I going to quit going to University?  No.  So suck it up honey and get on with it.

Work is...well work.  Busy, stressful, hectic, overload.  It's not going to change.  I can only come up with a few options...bring it home with me, or leave it at work.  Since I don't get paid to work at home, then work stays at work.  I'm trying.  It's hard to leave the office and not think about all the things I have to do but somewhere along the way I remember that it's not my #1 priority and it will still be there tomorrow.

School is getting better.  The first class I was assigned a chapter to read, a case study and 7 questions.  For the class the day after next.  I got it done, but it took me forever and half the questions were wrong.  I was pretty disappointed and frustrated.  My third class was better.  The homework went much faster and I did the homework properly.  Amazing what it does for your confidence.  Tomorrow is my fourth class, I have homework to do tonight.  *sigh*  I need to get used to the fact that for the next 12 weeks I'm going to have homework.

Life is good.  I'm working at finding a balance between the things I have to do and the things I want to do.  I'm doing the laundry when I find the time.  I'm trying to get out and try new things.  I'm outside my comfort zone and it pushes my limits but I'm working through it.  I'm meeting new people and finding new friends in strange places.  R and I are getting things done around the house - which is great.  I'm buying Christmas presents and I love it!

I'm realizing that just because I take on more things doesn't mean they will get done, or won't get done, or that they'll be done poorly.  It just means I have to rearrange my life and my schedule and make it happen.  I'm learning that even my best scheduled day goes to hell because you never know what is going to come down at the last minute and need to be dealt with.  The best I can do is to make the short list of what absolutely has to be done today and do my best to deal with it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm at work at 6:41am this morning.  Why you ask?  Because I was late.

Monday and Wednesday afternoons I have my Recruitment and Selection class, so I leave work early.  If I come in at 6:30 and eat lunch at my desk, when I leave at 2:30 I'm not short any hours.  I was all set to leave for work when I heard someone yelling outside.  An odd occurrence at 6am.  Whatever.  I was putting on my shoes when someone pounded on my front door, asking for help!  I froze.  And called for R.

Turns out, some homeless guy saw our lights on and says he needed an ambulance for a cut on his leg.  R told him to walk the block to the ambulance/fire station.  I was seriously freaked.  It's dark outside, I didn't want to walk to my car.  *shudder*

Now I don't have anything against homeless people, but usually R leaves before I do for work and if I had been alone, I would have called the police.  I'm not a fan of scary people pounding on my door at 6-freaking-30 in the morning.

Today I have:
- 2 interviews
- 1 meeting
- My class and the remaining homework I didn't finish yesterday.

Should be fun.

Monday, September 12, 2011


10 years after I started the first time and 7 years since I was last there...

I go back to school today.  Last time was a College, this time University.  Freaked?  You betcha!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiffany Love

I have a serious Tiffany affliction.  I mean, I lufffffff it.  As my sister would say.  A while back, R bought me the Tiffany charm bracelet for our anniversary.  I had no idea it was a charm bracelet, lol.  I jokingly mentioned I would provide him a list of charms to get him through the next 10 years of anniversaries.  I found 13...
 How cute?!  I text him XOX all the time, so I figure it's appropriate. 
 Can't forget the pooch. 
 Every girl needs a little luck.
 I like butterflies, what can I say?
 This is classic me, it says Nice on the other side ;)
 Classic Tiffany's.  Love. 
 Adore the snowflake.  So pretty!
 I love purses...
 And shoes...
 For me. 
 For R.
I truly am a girlie girl. 
(All images from Tiffany's)

It's been a busy day, week, month.  I hired a Parts Driver today, did 3 interviews, set up 4 more interviews.  Ran around like crazy.  It's been good, but it's time to go home.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Career Fair Do's and Don't

As some of you may be aware, I'm in Human Resources.  I was at a Career Fair today and although this is my second attempt at this, it is increasingly becoming obvious that some people have no idea why they are unemployed.  Yikes!

I'm pretty tired, but I haven't posted in a long time.  Here is a short list of Do's and Don't for you job seekers out there.  Please share this list if you know someone that is looking for a job.

- Show up to a career fair (or interview) in your flip flops, ripped jeans, dirty t-shirts or with a skateboard in your hand.
- Don't bring your spouse or children.  It's impossible to interview someone when a child is demanding your attention.
- Don't be afraid to approach the recruiters, we look for people to come to us, not the other way around.  If you stare us down in the booth, but wait for us to approach you, it's a bad impression.
- Don't say that you are a skilled worker with only a high school education and mechanics in high school.
- Don't take more than one of our free promo's, they are there to give out to other people than your spouse, your kids, etc.

- Come prepared.  Print 10 more resumes than you think you will need.
- Do staple those resumes together.  When I collect 50 - 100 resumes, they need to be stapled.  If I were to drop the box, I'm not going to spend time searching for the first or second page of your resume, unless it's a damn good resume.
- Do dress for the job that you want.  If your looking for a job as a Heavy Duty Mechanic, wearing a suit and tie will make me think you have no experience in the job or industry.
- Do take the time to talk to me.  If I'm talking to someone else, wait your turn or come back when I'm free.
- Do give me a resume. Always.  Just because I'm not posting for a position, doesn't mean there isn't one open right now that isn't posted, or that one might open up tomorrow.
- Do be honest.  If you lie on your resume it's going to come out when I verify your employment or call your references.  Then you've wasted both our times.

I'm still surprised at the lack of skilled labor in the workforce right now.  It surprises the hell out of me that some people come to interviews with greasy hats on and flip flops.  Are you a professional?  Then dress and act like one!

If you have any bad or funny experiences with hiring or job interviews, let me know!