Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've worked with all women before, I've worked with mix and currently I work with all men. I've had my battles and when I was hired I had to prove to all the men that I worked with (5 in my office) that I'm capable of doing my job, that I was smart enough to do it, and that I was more than someone to answer the phones.

I've had to deal with jerks, bigots, sexist people and the 'good ole boys'. I've worked my way to where I am today. I have customers who tell me the minute I get back from a day off or vacation "Thank God your back".

I've had technicians that I work with yell at me, to me and behind my back. I've had one get in my face and freak out at me. I've had them deny to do the job they've been asked to do. I've had them say they are going to do it and not go. I've had to deal with customer back lash over a technician not doing a job well, making a mistake or complaints over completely un-related issues with service. (Your tech just did an oil change and now my tires are flat...etc.)

I've stood up for my tech's on numerous occasions; to customers who acuse us of sabatoging units. To upper management who think they've made mistakes, take too long to do a job, or to avoid layoff's. I've gone to bat for my tech's to upper management to get my tech's the tools they need but the company is not providing (but they should), to get them company paid training, for bonuses, missing allowances (tool and boot), and to defend them against mistakes made.

I'm as fair as I can be. I try to spread the work out so that all 3 are as busy as possible, or in the very least have at least one job per day, not all 3 jobs to one person and the others doing nothing all day. I give them heads up when upper management is coming to visit so they can be sure the shop and service vehicles are clean. I try to send them only to a place where they are comfortable working (safe, clean, inside when it's -30 outside). I don't send them to a unit where they don't have the skills to repair it. I talk to them, ask them to go places, I don't demand it.

So when, after all this, a technician is a jerk to me, I get pissed off. And quickly.

Our newest technician, today decided that he was mad. At me? At his wife? At the weather? The fact that his days off were over? Who knows?! Either way, I refuse to be the person that takes the fall. Twice, in the span of less than 30 minutes when I was talking to him or asking him a question, he threw his hands up in the air and walked away from me. Not only do I find that rude and uncalled for, but I have NO CLUE as to what his problem is.

I brushed it off, as he was out of the shop for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, I asked one of the guys (who tells me everything) if he knew what was going on. He said no. I asked him (because he was there) if it was just me or if he thought something was going on. He agreed the guy was being an ass.

He later confided to me, that when hired, the new technician told him, he'd never had a woman for a boss before. The other tech just told him that he needs to get used to it and that it wasn't going to change.

Now, I can totally understand how it might take an adjustment. Some time yes, but don't come in after working with the company for 3 months and tell me that he woke up this morning and had changed his mind. There was no altercation, no conversation, just me asking him a question, him getting fed up and walking away. Without answering my question.

I'm pretty tolerant. But I'm mad about this. I feel disrespected and I'll be damned if this is going to happen again. We went through this last year (with a different tech) and I felt like crap and hated dealing with him. It got so bad I didn't want to go into the shop. This will not happen again.

He's out of the shop until Thursday. On Thursday I'm going to ask him if we have a problem and see what comes up. This will not continue. It just amazes me that after all this time and all the advances in life and things that women have done and proved that there are still some very sexist people that can't handle having a woman tell them what to do.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekends over...

I realized it's been a few days and it's time to catch up again. I've been so bored lately, that I'm trying to find things to do. With Chris away working, I'm pretty lonely and it helps to find things to do. Not that I'm all that successful lately. I've been doing a lot of reading lol. Anyhow, my mom came up on Friday evening and it's been a great weekend. I miss her and it's so nice to finally have a space (a home) that family can come visit us and have a place to stay.

We've been in this house for almost a year, well 9 months I suppose and I'm still not used to having the space. I love that we have a spare bedroom and an office and they are not combined or cramped.

Anyhow, so my mom was here all weekend and we did some shopping on Saturday and on Sunday we just stayed at home and relaxed. Read a book. My mom made some homemade buns and we froze them. She helped me clean out my deep freeze (ugh, what a chore) and transplant some plants. All things I hate to do. I had today off for Family Day, so it's been a nice, relaxing weekend. Although I'm not ready to go back to work just yet. I did also send in one job application today as well. It's for a very good, very interesting position and the qualifying criteria asks for the exact post-secondary education that I have. I took some time and wrote a specific cover letter as well. Wish me luck.

So my mom left today and my sister is coming up this weekend coming. I'm so excited! She is coming up on Wednesday but is heading to my house on Friday night and all day Saturday. I miss my nephew so much, I'm so excited to see them!!!

Not a lot is going on other than that. I've been reading a lot and that's nice. I think I'm going to head to the used book store this week and see what I can trade off. I need to get onto getting ready for the Epicure (www.epicureselections.com) open house on March 1st. As in advertise and prepare. I have to do it this week, but I need to get a color ink cartridge for my printer first.

I guess this post was mostly housekeeping, but I hope to catch up with you all soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm tired today.

I feel resigned and defeated.

Chris and I had an argument today over money. I hate fighting with him period. I hate arguing with him even more when he's away. I know that money is the #1 argument between couples, but I really do feel that I'm legit in my argument this time. I feel like crap about it too. Torn. I miss him so much, he's been away for 2 weeks and still has another week to go. It's so hard to not talk to him during the day or for at least an hour at night. Waiting for that one phone call in the evening is really hard. Especially since we haven't really spoken since we argued.


We talked. I feel better, but I still miss him like crazy. Even more right now.

I hope I never stop missing him while he's away working.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm lacking it today.

So Chris moved and got all settled in camp. I love camp jobs! He gets a room and good food and it's all taken care of. We don't even have to pay for it. It just comes off his sub pay on his cheque. It's great.

The downside is that because of where he is, there is no cell service. None on the lease site where he's working and none in camp. It bites. They had to drive 30 kms to find a place where they got reception. All 6 of them in one truck. So as you can imagine, I could barely hear him over the voices of all the other guys calling thier wives, girlfriends, parents or kids. It sucks. I hope he's not out there that long.

I had a request the other day from Pleiades for some information about my pawnshop management days. I wish I could remember some of the good stories, because man there were a lot!

It was a strange job. There were regulars, all on welfare who were millionaires for the day on pay day. They'd come in and pick up the stuff they had on pawn, buy new stuff from the shelves and shop like nothing. (And by new stuff, I mean stuff that people had left behind that went out for sale. As in when a person would pawn something and not return for it, or not pay the bill, it would go out for sale on the shelf). Anyhow, inevitably, the stuff they just paid to get out of hock or the stuff they just bought would end up back in pawn. Sometimes it would take a few days, other times they'd be back later that afternoon. A bit of buyers remorse I guess.

Sad really.

I always felt some sympathy for these people. I mean they for the most part were uneducated, simple minded people who had no idea about budgets or making ends meet. On the other hand, there were everyday people who were just dealt hard blows and needed some cash.

There were regulars who always came in to shop. The list is endless of what the place carried, bought, sold, pawned: CD's, DVD's, cameras, Playstations and games, Xbox's and games, Any kind of game console really, firearms; both restricted and non (thus resulting me in becoming licensed in both), any kind of tool; power and regular, chainsaws, bikes, lawnmowers, fine china, decorative plates, fishing gear, hunting gear, cell phones, speakers, stereos, dvd players, computers, jewelry, hockey gear, golf clubs, musical instruments. I know there are more things, but that's all I can really think of right now.

The particular place where I worked got into buying Army Surplus direct from bases online and we had tons of it for sale. Shirts, pants, hats, ruck sacks, canteens, all kinds of rigging, tons of stuff and that sold well too.

I really did like that job. I was there for a year and friends with the owners. Over time she changed and things got weird. I was tired of being talked about behind my back, my co-worker was a tool and I was ready for a change of pace. She took offense to me quitting and when I applied for EI she told them lies and so I didn't qualify. I got over it.

The hardest part of the job was trying to determine what the value of something was. Some stuff was defined clearly - DVD's had a value, as did game consoles, but some things - AC system for a boat...I had no idea. Sometimes I had to guess, sometimes I did well, others not so great - selling that boat AC system for $100 when it should have gone for $250....oops. Oh well. You take a guess and hope it's ok.

The jewelry was my favorite. We had these old ladies that would come in twice a week and check out new stock. They always bought a ton of stuff. And cheap too. We only took gold that was stamped as such, no plate and real diamonds - we used a tester. I remember the bf I had at the time, we had been together for 2.5 years and I was pushing for a commitment, a promise ring at least. I found one I loved while I was working there and he got it for me, for like $50. It was so pretty. I remember throwing it at him when we broke up, lol, and telling him I hoped he and his mommy were very happy together. Ha - brings back memories! Just kidding.

I remember this guy that would come in, my boss called him a cone head, lol. He was nice, but a hunting nut. He's always come in to talk to me, but never asked me out. He's always comment on things, that I did my nails or such lol. Of course there were the creepy guys that would come in too, the store seemed to attract some losers, I'd hide when they came in.

I gathered quite a CD and DVD collection from there. It was great, they came in for sale, we'd test them, take them home and watch, if you liked the movie, you kept it.

It wasn't very common that we had stolen things come in. Everyone had to have vaid ID and all serial numbers were entered into the program. Weekly we'd send in reports of what we took on pawn or bought to the RCMP. Once a guy came in with a stolen monitor, he left to get the cables and when he returned with it, we had called the police and they waited until he pawned it and we faked some computer problem. In the meantime we locked him in the store. There was a door lock, bolt type thing behind the counter. When I think back now, really it was kinda dangerous to do that. It was dangerous because we had a ton of money on hand too, sometimes up to $13,000 or $14,000.

I could probably go on, but I should check my laundry...funny how you can look back and remember things....and see how life has changed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Say what?

Umm excuse me, your going where??

That's what I said to Chris when he told me he was leaving in the morning to go to Helmut. My next question was, "where the hell is Helmut?"

Thanks to Google maps, (seriously check it out!), Helmut (Helmet?) is damn near on the border between Alberta and the Northwest Territories. As in freakin' far away! So much for him coming home in 3 days. I'm happy he's working though.

It's a good thing when your company calls you in to save the day! Or in this case, to come operate because they don't know who else to call and your reputation preceeds you and they know you'll do a good job and they can count on you. 4 hours of travel later and he'll be there. Yup, in Helmut, British Columbia.....lol, it's too much!

I got my starter kit for Epicure today (www.epicureselections.com). I'm so excited! The lady at the post office basically guaranteed me a sale (or 2) and now I have a starting point. Man, I'm excited! I'm going to call my sponsor tomorrow and tell her I'm ready to learn!

As for tonight, I'm happy it's Friday and the week is over. Bad news on the paint front - don't know if we can or not. The stupid vinyl covered drywall may not be paintable.

I did a skill test for the staffing agency last night. I did 5 tests; speed typing, alphanumeric typing, 10 key data, excel and word. I scored junior in excel (what?! But come on, who knows all the tips in Excel, I use that damn program all the time...), intermediate in word, speed typing and 10 key data and advanced in alphanumeric! Turns out, I needed to score junior in all 5 to qualify. I totally rocked it! Now all I need is a job offer and I can dazzle them with my results! (Did I mention I feel silly tonight...?) lol.

Well better run, gotta find a road to Helmut.....wait, seriously how do you spell it?!!??!!?!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

to quit or not to quit....

Only once in my life have I quit a job without having anything lined up to go to. When I was living in BC I was managing a pawn shop (still one of my top 10 jobs!). Anyhow, so the owner turned crazy and I had had enough. Plus my sister was living in Alberta and had been telling me for years to move up here. So I did. I gave my notice on my apartment, gave my employer notice and poof. Moved up here. I was off for less than a month, but I job hunted everyday. I finally got a job and life was good. I had, had some $ saved up so I ended up ok.

Today there was 2 more straws added to the pile. Chris and my mom both say to just give my notice and leave. I'm tempted. I'm worried that if I do it might end up being a while until I find something new, but I seriously hate my job. I hate what I'm doing and I'm so ready to give up and walk out. They keep adding more and more things to do and keep belittling the stupidest things. I'm so tired.

I have an interview tomorrow with an employment agency at 4:00. There was a job posting that I was interested in, so I sent my resume to the agency who was hiring for them. Turns out, they want to interview me. I'm so nervous! It's been 3 years since I had to do an interview! Anyhow, so if it goes well (pray for me, wish me luck, please!!), then I go into the file and when a job comes up (or if there is one) that I qualify for, they tell me and I can chose whether or not I want it. I'm so exited! Thing is, it could be temp work too. I hope there is something for me. I'm not sure how long my sanity can hold on right now at this job...

Monday, February 2, 2009


Short update for today before Chris calls:

- I joined Epicure today! Yay! I'm now the newest consultant. Woot!

- I got a call from a placement agency for an interview today! I had sent them a resume to apply for a job. I have an interview on Wednesday, I'm so nervous!!!!!

- My Father in law is in the hospital. Again. Poor man! He just got out 2 weeks ago. His bowel is kinked, it's as bad as it sounds.

More later...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I've been meaning to write all day, but my being a lazy bum got in the way.

I was thinking yesterday...why are we always so early when we fly? We know it's a 2 hour drive (good roads, from our house) to the aiport, either one. (There are 2, one North, one South). But we always end up wayyyy ahead of time and have to sit and wait. Makes me crazy.

Why does Chris always set the metal detector off in security? He always does. I think he must have metal in his blood or something. Strange.

Why do I do nothing on the first day I have alone? I always do it. It's like a day to be a bum on the couch and relax. It's kinda nice, but for sure sets of the loneliness early.

I'm sure I could go on, but I won't. I did manage to apply for 3 or so jobs today. I love email! I hope that I can hear something. Now that I've decided that I'm going to leave this company, it's not soon enough. I hate going into work now. Every day I dread going in and I hate it. I hope I hear something soon. At least Chris is working, this is good.

I've decided we are going to paint the walls in the house. I'm tired of white, I need some color. I decided to start in the guest bathroom (it's small haha) and I picked up a bunch of color swatches yesterday. I used that putty stuff to stick the swatches on the wall in there. I go in there often just to look at the colors, ha, I'm a dork.

My mom is coming up in 2 weeks and I'm so excited! I can't wait to see her! We have no plans, but I haven't seen her since NYE, so I'm looking forward to it.

I miss Chris already. He's been gone since yesterday morning. I have a feeling it's going to be a long set.

I paid off a credit card on Friday! Well the brick card - we used it to buy our stove. The interest period is up March 15th or so, but I paid it off the other day, it feels great! 1 down, 50 to go! No just kidding, there are a bit more bills to go, but this is a start!

I've put together a spreadsheet of all the gifts we have to buy through out the year. It's staggering. I mean really. Between Chris's family and mine, it's stupidly insane. I've started shopping early and so far it's working out well. Some months are heavy (November has 4 b-days, and May has 1 b-day and 3 mother's days). I figure if I can pick up stuff on sale early it won't be so bad when the time comes to actually get the rest. Plus a bunch of it has to be mailed out and that means I have to be ready in advance. I'm also going to start saving up for Christmas. Whatever I can stash away.

I've already put away $1000 in savings for the fence too! It truly is amazing what we can pay off and save when Chris is working. I'm estimating that we'll need about $3000 for the fence we plan to build this summer. And if there is any way we can get to Nova Scotia this year, that would be great too! I was hoping we could give Chris's parents money to come to us, but I'm not sure if that will work either. We'll have to see. As long as Chris is working, we should be able to manage one or the either. In january, I managed to save up $1000 in cash and put almost $3000 on bills (including the $1100 to pay off the stove)! This is why we struggle and cut back and find a way for him to stay in this field. Because when he's working, the pay is good.

I've missed blogging. I hope I can keep up better this week than the last 2!