Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I’m cranky today I think. I’m tired and I’m trying to clean up the mess and small things that need to be cleaned out today. I’m out of the office the rest of the week at a Cat engine course in Edmonton for 3 days. Part of me is looking forward to it, but part not. I hope it’s not all technical, that would be dry and boring. I also need to review all my service bulletins today sometime too. I think this afternoon will be likely mostly reading. Dull.

I’m starting to resent that Chris is still off when I’m working. He’s been off for 3 months and I figured it out a few weeks ago that I work more hours in a year than he does. I definitely work more days too. When he works, he works 12-hour days and usually 14 days in a row. But he’s been off for 3 months and on vacation basically. It irritates me that I have to leave him a to-do list for the house and that half the time it doesn’t get done. He always has an excuse, something took longer than it should have, or whatever. But after almost 3 months of being broke, with barely any income from him, I’m tired of it. I’m sick of leaving every morning while he’s still in his pj’s or sleeping, I’m sick of the house not being super clean when I get home or supper made. I’m tired of being the one to make lists of things to do.

Like I said, I’m cranky today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

runaway train

It’s like a train ran through the service department today. The Service manager from Calgary was here today and seriously, it was rough all around. The service advisors got crap for stuff, the shop foreman got crap for stuff. I didn’t get crap for anything, but he picked apart my schedule (accounting schedule) and why was this and that. I didn’t get a chance to go for lunch until 2:00.

It’s a stressful day.

And it’s 3:00 now, thank goodness, coffee break and soon time to go home. What a mess. I have things to do, but my head is spinning and I need to stop thinking.

The thing that gets me is the warranty guy in Calgary is the big hero, but he’s not. He’s never in his office and won’t call me back. When I ask him for help, a lot of the time he say’s he’s too busy. Thanks.

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

back and forth

I swear somedays I'm not sure where I started and where I end up, or if I really made any progress in 8 hours. Maybe I just sat here and the world passed by me and I didn't move...

I had 12 claims to do today. That's it, just 12 and I'd be totally current. Well I've been busting it all day and I still have 4. WTF? I know I put through more than 8 today. Warranty is a never ending circle. No matter how many you get put through in a day, they still keep adding more. Unless you work a Saturday or something, but that's not likely to happen.

Although I have discovered the wonderment of radio online. Sweet. I wasn't allowed to listen to radio on the net before. I think I like it. If only I could get the bounce to work...

Tonight we are painting closet doors, putting the breezeway back together, cleaning the spare bathroom. My parents (Dad side) are coming to stay on Friday and Sunday night with us. I need to make sure that part of the house is a bit cleaner.

I'm thinking I need to plan a BC trip. My niece is not going to know who I am. I'm also thinking I need to buy some summer pants. I'm not allowed to wear shorts, skirts or capri's at work and I'm hot in here already.

This post is boring. One more hour until I can leave. I'm going to try to make that 4 to 3.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A new week

It’s been a busy day. Funny how in my old job I had tons of time everyday to do nothing, I was bored. Now I’m behind from the old person leaving and no one doing this job for about 6 weeks and I’m really busy. It’s actually coming along pretty well that I’m catching up. My goal is to be current by the end of this week. I think I should be able to do it.

I have a list of things to do daily amongst submitting claims for 5 different manufacturers. The bulk of it is truck side (versus engine) and is the easy stuff to code and claim. The other 4 are all engine related and have to be claimed through a different manufacturer. Anyhow, I had a TON of engine claims to code, claim and close. I did about 17 of them on Friday – which is a lot! Anyhow, I have some that need to be checked on to see what their status is, some that need to be submitted and others that I just need to code the credits. It’s coming along, but I swear I had over 100 claims that were waiting to be processed when I started. And they were keeping all the claims and work orders in my office. I swear on my one shelf alone I had about 2000 pages.

Either way I’ve been clearing out the excess paper and trying to get it all cleared up to current. It’ll be much, much easier to keep up once I’m current and I can maintain the schedule they want me to do. For right now I’m just winging it, hoping that eventually I can keep up and get to working on some other stuff – as in changing a few processes to make it easier. For right now, the days are going by very fast and I’m always busy.

We had a good weekend. The weather was crappy and cold so we stayed inside and watched CSI on DVD. My Dad and my step-mom are coming to stay with us on Friday night and Sunday night and I have a party in the city on Saturday night. So, Chris is finishing painting the breezeway and the spare room closet doors. Once the doors are painted that room is completely finished. I’m looking forward to that. We are considering starting a new project in the spare bathroom. It’ll be pretty easy and way faster than the spare room. We’re still planning on scraping the stippling off the ceiling, removing the joiners on the walls, painting the ceiling and painting the walls. But because of how small the room is, I mean it IS a bathroom, it should be done quickly. However, sanding will of course get dust throughout the house. Again. I guess it can’t be avoided.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I used to blog almost everyday during the week. Then my job changed and I wasn’t able to access it online. Now I have a new job and I’m so busy I don’t have time to blog.

However, I miss it, so I need to find a way and some time to do it. After JS ceased it seems harder and harder to keep track of where people are and due to my lack of time lately it’s even worse.

Enough of that.

So….break up is almost over – thank goodness! I love having my husband home, but having no influx of a regular paycheck sucks. We finally were approved for EI, but it took 9 weeks to come in and they owed him 7 weeks of back pay. Things were getting tight. We finally got a payment, and built our fence with it, lol.

We also got a tax bill stating that we owe 2 years of taxes – grrrrrr! Stupid lawyer didn’t take care of it. So while Chris is not working, we now owe $1800 of property taxes that is not in our budget, and it’s accumulated a full year of interest. Nice hey? I need to call our mortgage company and see if they can help us in some way. That lawyer was the dumbest guy and he messed up several times on our file and it annoys me we had to pay him so much!

The new job is great – I love it. I miss the guys I used to work with, but I love the new and the challenge of something better. I’m still training, or learning so it takes me awhile and I’m massively behind as no one did the job for 6 weeks before I started, but I’m working steadily and getting closer to catching up. If only I could get what I have on my “to-do” list done today I’ll be pretty current. Although I’m not exactly sure I’ll be able to do that, but I’m working on it.

I’m exhausted and so ready for the weekend. We’ve been working on the fence all week and last weekend, and it’s pretty much finally close to being done. We had planned a BBQ with our neighbors tonight, but they said they’d come if it wasn’t raining. It’s snowing/raining/sleeting this morning. *sigh*

Well better get to it and see what I can accomplish this morning.