Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to School

My 3 week mini-holiday is over :(  Back to University today.  Thank God I don't do this full time!  Seriously.

I am ready to start this semester however.  I'm hoping I pick up a few more things that will help me get going with my job.  I did learn a bit last class, not as much as I'd like and as judging from the marks on the final and overall in the class average - many of my classmates probably feel the same.  I'm hoping I know someone in this class, but if not, meh I guess I'll meet some new people, which was something I had wanted.  Basically the reason I chose going to University over online classes.  That and I'm such a procrastinator with things I don't want to do that I'm afraid I would put it off for too long.

What have I been up to:

- Making Christmas cards for next year.  I was too busy with school work to get many done this year, so I'm preparing for next year.  That and I didn't get to play with nearly enough sparkly paper this year.

- I've joined a wellness program at work.  I'm determined this year.  I want to get an elliptical and R is on board with a  menu change.  Should be interesting in the beginning that's for sure!  It's so cliché though.

- I'm getting really sick of the staff in our other location not listening to me.  Is it really that tough when we ask you to do something?????  Join in or get out.  Ugh.

- I'm headed to that location to spend the day tomorrow - sure am not looking forward to that.  They are asses sometimes.

- I put winter tires on my SUV, studded winter tires, because winters here suck and guess what?  No snow since I put them on.  Haha go figure.

- I need to get my butt in gear and get divorced.  Like seriously.  I have the at home paperwork/kit.  I was waiting for the house to transfer and it did finally, but now I have to figure out how to file my divorce.  I would send it to my ex, but he would mess it up so it's up to me.  Reason number four billion and seventy six of why I left...

- Pet-peeve as of lately:  people who ignore and don't respond to emails!

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  1. Good on you with the schoolwork. I have lost 16 pounds since the beginning of December. It is a pain but now I don't mind it as much as I did in the beginning.

    I'll bet it is freezing up there. I can't imagine even owning snow tires.

    Finalize your divorce. It is important.

    Happy New Year Little buddy!



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